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'Studios Gerakari' - Zakynthos (Zante)

General Facilities - Outdoors

Our rent rooms and apartments in Zakynthos, at Gerakari village,
are located 150 m from the sea. The beach is pebbled and
awarded with a blue flag. 'Studios Gerakari' are surrounded by one
acre garden and situated in a quiet area. Rooms and ground floor
apartments are garden view, while those of the first floor are sea
view. We promise you peaceful and relaxing holidays ideal for
those who love being close to nature.
•  Well tended garden with tables, chairs and swing
•  Barbeque
•  Outdoor shower with hot water
•  Sun beds for the garden
•  Free wireless internet
•  Free parking
•  First Aid Kit
•  Presence of staff on site: we will welcome you, show you to your
rooms and we will be at your disposal for any information

Services upon request

•  Transfer from / to Zante Port
•  Transfer from / to Zante Airport
•  Transfer to / from Zante KTEL Bus Station
•  Rent a car or motorbike
•  Boat rental for the Blue Caves and Zakynthos shipwreck
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