- Rooms to Let Zakynthos (Zante)
Meson Gerakari - 29100 Zakynthos, Ionian Islands T: +30 26950 63023 (summer) T: +30 26950 44542 (winter) E:
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Booking Terms & Conditions
Accommodation Rules
Psarou Seafront Studio (25 sq. m)
01 Mai - 31 June : 50 euros per day per studio
01 July - 14 July : 65 euros per day per studio
15 July - 31 August : 75 euros per day per studio
Gerakari Sea-view or Garden-view Studio (25 sq. m)
01 Sept. - 10 October : 45 euros per day per studio
01 Mai - 31 June : 40 euros per day per studio
01 July - 14 July : 55 euros per day per studio
15 July - 31 August : 65 euros per day per studio
01 Sept. - 10 October : 40 euros per day per studio
Gerakari Ground Floor Apartment (45 sq. m)
01 Mai - 31 June : 65 euros per day per apartment
01 July - 14 July : 75 euros per day per apartment

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