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Special Offers for Groups (Zakynthos Psarou 4 Seafront Studios)

01 Mai - 31 June : 200  180 euros per day per 4 studios (8 to 12 persons)
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Special Offers for Groups (Zakynthos Gerakari 4 Seaview Studios)

Gerakari 4 Seaview Studios - Capacity: 8 to 12 persons
01 Mai - 31 June : 160  140 euros per day per 4 studios (8 to 12 persons)
The 4 seaview studios are suitable for 4 couples, families with children and small groups.
20 July - 31 August : 260  240 euros per day per 4 studios (8 to 12 persons)
01 September - 10 October : 160  140 euros per day per 4 studios (8 to 12 persons)
The 4 seafront studios are suitable for 4 couples, families with children and small groups.
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01 July - 19 July : 260  240 euros per day per 4 studios (8 to 12 persons)