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Location - Psarou


'Studios Psarou' are located in front of the Psarou beach at the
northeastern coast of the island, between Tsilivi and Amoudi and 13
km from the town of Zakynthos. Psarou village and its surroundings are
very quiet, green and ideal for walks. At 200 meters from the rooms you
can find traditional taverns and mini markets. At 400 meters there is a
quiet seaside bar where you can enjoy your drinks. Car, bicycle and
motorbike rental offices are located at 600 meters. Also near to our
rooms there is a port 'Kavos’ where you can moor your ship or boat
free. 'Studios Psarou' are 1 km away from 'Studios Gerakari'.
•  Beach: 0 m
•  Restaurant: 200 m
•  Minimarket: 200 m
•  Beach Bar : 400 m
•  Pool : 300 m
•  Bus stop: 200 m
•  Port 'Kavos': 500 m
•  City and port of Zakynthos: 13 km
•  Airport (Laganas): 15 km
•  Zakynthos Hospital: 13 km
•  Nearest pharmacy store: Tsilivi (4 km)
•  Nearest ATM machine: Tsilivi (4 km)


•  Tennis club: Tragaki (3 km)
•  Horse riding: Tragaki (3 km)
•  Water sports: Tsilivi (4 km) and Alikes (3 km)
•  Waterslides: Tsilivi (4 km) and Sarakinado (12 km)
•  Bowling centre: Tsilivi (4 km)
•  Tourist Market: Tsilivi (4 km)
•  Nightlife: Tsilivi (4 km) and Alikes (3 km)


In the map you can see the route from the airport and port of Zakynthos to our rooms at Psarou (green symbol) and Gerakari (red
symbol). Follow the route as following: Airport, Zante Port, Akrotiri, Tsilivi (Planos), Tragaki (the coastal part of the village), Kipseli
(the coastal part of the village), Gerakari and Psarou.

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Triple Rooms
Zakynthos Prefecture
Ecology – Zakynthos National Marine Park
Zakynthos KTEL Buses - Intercity routes